Pivo Partners
Integrate Pivo to your app to unlock infinite possibilities. You can make your app smarter and livelier
by enabling innovative control and object tracking via Pivo Pod.
We provide Pivo SDK for iOS and Android, as Pivo is essentially designed for mobile device users.

Create new Business opportunities.

Partner with us to create incredible business opportunities! Seamlessly integrate our cutting-edge SDK technology into your app, opening the door to constant business growth. Through collaborative marketing efforts, we achieve remarkable results together. Integrating PIvo SDK brings numerous advantages if you're seeking to enhance your buisness.

Embark on this advanced journey with Pivo!
Go from zero to
video hero

With BIGVU , anyone can create professional videos quickly with just their
smartphone, and without video editing skills. BIGVU is a TV studio in your
pocket: teleprompter, automatic captions, branding with logo & motion
titling, intros & outros.

"Integrating Scout with Pivo has given our customers a high quality and reliable device to make recording sports easy."

"Pivo's smart and compact solution fits perfectly into our remote collaboration kits for operating rooms. Lightweight, flexible, and extremely easy to use, it complements our products seamlessly."

"We're excited to be teaming up with Pivo to revolutionize the world of sports technology. This partnership enhances our ability to deliver innovative technology  to everyone, anywhere. Together, we're redefining what's possible in fitness assessments, making motion analysis available to all athletes and coaches."

"Thanks to our partnership with Pivo, BIGVU is now the first AI face-tracking teleprompter, enabling users to turn their smartphone into a teleprompter that not only records video but also tracks their movement. No more memorizing lines or worrying about staying in a shot. By saving time and reducing production costs, we make professional video creation accessible to all."

Experience The Future
Of Health And Wellness

The AiKYNETIX app provides real-time performance metrics for smarter training,
while Pivo Pod's auto-tracking keeps you centered and focused. For the best experience,
pair the AiKYNETIX Professional Plan with the Silver Pivo Pod, perfect for athletes
and coaches aiming for peak performance.
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