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Travel Case Classic

Travel Case Classic

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Everything you need when creativity strikes. Keep your Pod, Remote Control and Tripod safe with this stylish and safe Travel Case.

Light and Durable

Strong Protection

Hardshell with Nylon


- The semi-rigid hard shell lined with Nylon is lightweight and protective to keep the elements out

- Designed with a tight-fit to ensure your Pivo Pod, Tripod, Remote Control, and Smart Mount are safe and secure for a speedy set-up

- Our convenient, non-bulky case is designed for performance and style, so you can express your creativity like the pro you are

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Travel Case Classic
€104,99 EUR

Be stress free when creativity strikes!

You never know when you’ll need your Pivo.
Say goodbye to misplaced gear, and hello to creating on-the-go.
Have your Pivo gear protected and ready all in one convenient case.
Pack it, sling it, share it, repeat.

What’s in the Box?

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Coolest tool for presenters!

I love my Pivo and as I learn all of its feature, I love it more!

Great item for a Gadget lover. 💗

My husband brought me the very first combo pivo. It's now called the action pivo. I love the new update for live video. I just wish I didn't have to walk to the camera to end .

Adrianne Sanogo
Loving my Pivo

You have to have the travel case. That being said, I love the ease of use and the quality of all the products and the output of my creations. I ended up buying my daughter a set for her real estate business.

Christy Scotch
Great way to keep everything together and protected

I love this case and am glad they have come out with one. When I first purchased a Pivo, they were just coming out. I didn’t see a carrying case at the time. Subsequently, while packing for a clinic, my groom knocked mine over, and it broke. Hence, carrying case is now essential! Thank you, Pivo!

Tamarra Love
Excellent service

Love the case. I can now keep everything together nice and tidy! Arrived super quick too.